The SmartPhone Study Planner

Got exams coming up? Got a full-time job to work around?

Add structure and discipline into your study routine with iStudyPlan. iStudyPlan has been designed especially for those working towards professional qualifications to help with time management.

With just three steps, iStudyPlan creates a full schedule of study, right up until your exams.

Customise your study plan.

1. Enter the date(s) of your upcoming exam(s).

2. Break them down into topics and assign weights if you wish to allocate more/less time to specific topics.

3. Set your weekly study timetable.

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iStudyPlan then uses the number of hours until your exam and the number of topics to calculate a schedule of study until your exam date.



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Check your iStudyPlan every day to be reminded of your to-do's that day.

Then once you've done them give them a tick!

View your progress and give yourself a pat on the back.

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Should you fall behind your schedule... allows you to put those items back into your future schedule and recalculates your study plan.

Should you finish off a topic sooner than planned... allows you to tick them off the list quicker and recalculates your study plan, allowing more time for the remaining topics.

Behind Schedule


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There are other handy features to help you further customise your plan...

Option to repeat your study plan twice - if you select this option, your schedule will run through the whole set of topics twice and this may help you to keep earlier topics fresher in your mind for the exam.

For each exam you can allocate a 'Revision' period (1-30 days prior to exam) and under this mode of study you can have a different weekly timetable should you wish to boost your study schedule.

Enter and save notes related to each topic for any reminders.

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This study planner can be used for the following:
  • CFA study plan
  • IMC study plan
  • GRE study plan
  • Actuarial studies study plan
  • usmle study plan
  • GMAT study plan
  • DAT study plan
  • nclex study plan
  • cpa study plan
  • ...